Debt culture: Should credit cards have warning labels?

People who cannot quite manage their own finance usually end up in debt. They do not necessarily earn so little that they are unable to make an adequate living without borrowing. But such people often spend their finance irresponsibly, including the money they do not have. Credit cards help us with an endless spending and only exacerbate impulsive buying.
Credit cards follow us on every step, and it is difficult to find the person who does not use them. Banks are most interested in clients who take small and large loans, and clients find such services useful. Nevertheless, the credit card does not solve the problem of not having money. People unable to live without borrowing from anybody shall either find a better job or put themselves strict financial limits.
An overwhelming debt is the result of a poor spending culture, not the existence of credit cards or bank loans. That is why we shall better learn how to manage our finance wisely.

Performance-based pay: Should the minimum wage be abolished?

The minimum wage looks like the attribute of the companies that wish to pay their employees a very small salary. It helps to protect workers from the employers that do not offer much. However, companies that require proficiency from their staff and set tangible goals pay much greater average salary than the minimum established by the government. The difference lies only in the way companies calculate the employee’s performance.
Many companies prefer paying their employees a performance-based salary. It consists of a fixed component and a variable that depends on the amount of work performed. It is a win-win case for employers who want to keep their staff motivated and for employees who beware dishonest bosses. Another option is a fixed salary. It is different for different employees, but the worker always remains sure in their future financial situation.
The minimum wage makes no sense for companies that employ proficient employees. It is usually too small to pay for any substantial work done for the business. Therefore, businesses pay either a performance-based salary or a fixed-rate salary that more or less corresponds to their average performance.

Win-win investments in business sustainability: Myth or reality?

Some CEOs ask “Why should we invest in such thing as sustainability? We pay salaries to our employees and that is enough to preserve loyalty and balanced business relationships”. In fact, it is not enough to be honest with your people. It is also necessary to be open to partners, investors, and customers. And it is vital to show that you, as a CEO, pay extra attention to keeping business eco- and socially-friendly.
Spending money on recycling and social initiatives is a reasonable investment. Today, being environmentally and socially ethical can be a competitive advantage for the business that would otherwise be demolished by competitors. Eco-sustainability is often crucial to consumers while openness and transparency are appreciated by investors. Companies with a steady sustainability policy gain a good record and are more likely to survive if things get harder for them.

Should the tobacco industry be obliged to donate to lung cancer research?

Manufacturers of cigarettes typically face the criticism of healthcare organizations. Doing an overwhelmingly successful business, they undermine the health of their clients and increase the insurance payout provided by government and employers. As the most common condition of smokers, cancer raises plenty of concern in the community. People expect tobacco companies to bare at least some responsibility for the damage they make.

Though we want cigarette manufacturers to be more socially responsible, their attempts to fund cancer research end up condemned by the community. We do not trust the results of research backed by companies directly interested in raising their sales with it. Numerous scientists become distrusted as they revealed sponsors of their research.

Governments all over the world try to make tobacco companies compensate the damage of smoking. In most cases, they impose extra excise duties for sailing tobacco products. It is an effective strategy for some countries where people choose not to spend so much money on cigarettes.

Can viral marketing replace all other forms of advertising?

Speaking of viral marketing, we imply posts that are shared worldwide within a short time. This is usually a socially relevant, amusing, or shocking content. Sometimes companies succeed to create a marketing campaign that goes viral, and all the world suddenly rediscovers their presence once again.
Viral marketing became very popular in times of social networking because only these websites can spread the content with the maximum speed. In fact, plenty of ads are launched within social networks even if they are not meant to be viral. It is just convenient and effective to place promoted content in places where people spend most of their time, i.e. websites like Facebook.
Though very popular, online advertising still has not pushed out billboards, promotions in printed media and other sorts of offline advertising. All of the online content cannot go viral so that the share of really successful viral ads remains rather small. Actually, there is still a great chance that people can notice adds offline; that is why these forms of advertising would not go away.

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